Eyebrow shaping

Your eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face, as they frame the eyes. A great brow shape will flatter your face and give an instant lift to enhance your features and defy the aging process. Our team at Angels of beauty has a passion for brows and will spend the time it takes to design and create a new look for you or help redesign uneven and misshapen brows.

Eyebrows are very individual and great eyebrow shape with perfect arches will flatter your overall look. The correct eyebrow shape can produce an instant eyelift, while a poorly shaped brow can darken and obscure the eyes creating an unwanted expression. Sometimes due to over plucking or the natural ageing process, we end up with a thin uneven brow shape. Our brow specialist will consult and transform your brow line by tweezing, trimming, threading and colour methods to obtain the desired result.



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Eyebrow Threading is the latest in effective hair removal and is a must for all beauty salons. Threading is an ancient Middle Eastern hair removal technique. Using cotton thread, the process involves removing the hair and the hair follicle, making it an excellent alternative to waxing. Results can last up to six weeks and have a cleaner, more accurate line.

The benefits include:

▪ fast, effective treatment ▪ concise hair removal – great for people with trouble facial hair ▪ no chemicals are applied to the skin. All natural treatment ▪ keeps the skin intact ▪ no wax burns ▪ no redness and get it done on your lunchbreak ▪ regrowth is finer and slower ▪ it’s a clean, sanitary process – only the thread is used so no more messy wax